LANAP in Concord

Dr. Keshmiri has been providing LANAP (Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure) treatment since 2018, following extensive hands-on education from Millennium Dental Technology. LANAP is an innovative and minimally invasive approach to treating gum disease that utilizes laser technology to target and eliminate bacteria and diseased tissue while preserving healthy gums. Unlike traditional gum surgery, which involves cutting and stitching, LANAP offers a more comfortable and efficient alternative with reduced downtime and faster recovery.

During a LANAP procedure, Dr. Keshmiri uses a specialized laser to remove infected tissue and bacteria from the gum pockets, promoting gum reattachment to the tooth roots and encouraging new tissue growth. This gentle and precise approach results in minimal discomfort for patients and helps preserve more of the natural gum structure compared to traditional surgery. LANAP has been highly effective in treating gum disease at various stages, promoting better oral health and preserving natural teeth for a brighter and healthier smile.